A city of real magic.

Birmingham Magic City Gateway
Nestled right in the hills of Central Alabama—roughly two-to-three hours from the booming Atlantas and Nashvilles of the Southeast, Birmingham, Alabama makes its presence known.

This Iron City has a history of boldness. From those first industrial innovators who came to literally build a city from the ground up in the 1880s, to those leaders and seekers of justice and equality who walked the Birmingham streets during the Civil Rights Movement, to the artistic chefs of today who are reshaping the way our country considers food, Birmingham undeniably celebrates the bold risk-takers who strive to make a difference.

Here lies a city that is always pushing toward greatness. It’s a town where scientists are on the verge of groundbreaking medical research and where some of the nation’s up-and-coming artists are honing their craft. So come join this city with deep soul and passion and learn more about what makes the city of Birmingham, Alabama, one to remember.

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